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Attention! You pass licensing process directly on that computer on which you plan to use the software further!

For obtaining the temporary license for use of a token or for activation of the constant license for a token (for example, for LSMS11 library) use the «Activating a license to use the token»

Licensing of a product off-line

If it is necessary for you to license a product on the computer without connection with the Internet:

  1. download this page and keep on the computer;
  2. copy the saved file on the computer without connection with the Internet;
  3. start the page in any browser and follow instructions which you will see.

After successful performance of actions from the previous points and saving of the file of request for the license, send it to a site through the following form:

1. Choose the file of request for the license received from the computer without the Internet

2. Choose the directory for saving of the file of the activated license

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